Kaila: This Kreepsville 666 dress is soooo comfortable, you can even crash in it to sleep after a long night of partying. I’m absolutely involved with their purses also, such statement pieces. This jacket tops it all off -a statement piece sandwich! With the fur mounting the shoulders instead of lining the jacket - it has acted as a conversation piece or ice breaker on many occasions! 

Photo by Gustavo Ramirez

Kaila is wearing: Kreepsville 666 dress and purse, Shoedazzle shoes

Its already summer in LA! #ootd 
Special thanks to: Dietch PR and Corina Collections
In My Air dress, Kerol D shawl, Shoedazzle shoes, Anne-Marie Chagnon necklace

Its already summer in LA!

Special thanks to: Dietch PR and Corina Collections

In My Air dress, Kerol D shawl, Shoedazzle shoes, Anne-Marie Chagnon necklace

Our Favorite Asian Beauty Products

1. image

These amazing eyelashes are made in Korea, I LOVE these eye lashes;  unlike most eyelashes I’ve used they stay on forever and aren’t flimsy like most. They keep their shape all day so there is no need to reapply!    

2. image  Wei East is a Chinese skincare product.  I really love this product because it combines herbal medicine and all natural ingredients like green tea, pomegranate peel, ginger, soy, etc.  Everything in this cream is 100% natural and you can actually purchase it in the United States!
3. image

These Shu Uemura eyelash curlers are by far the best I have ever used. When I use other products my eyelashes will curl for a couple hours but these curlers last throughout the whole day.  The curved angle suites all types of eye shapes as well, a must buy! 
4. image  I just started using this new cream called Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream SPF50+.  This product was specially designed for warm weather and intense heat, it’s SPF is 50 as well so you know you’ll be protected. It’s also has an awesome sponge applicator that comes with it which makes it super convenient. 
5. image

Pinky Paradise is amazing they have the best circle contacts, I’ve been on a lot of other sites but if you have astigmatism they have the contacts for you! There are so many colors and sizes and the prices are reasonable as well.
6. image  Out of all the face masks I’m really into this brand. It’s actually pretty cheap but it does its job. I love the cucumber smell and it helps to build up your skin’s defense and purify dry and dull skin.  
7. image

 I love Etude House but out of all the products I’m really into this eyebrow shaver.  Have you ever been in the situation where you just don’t have time to go through the process of waxing and going through the process of tweezing, this razor gives you a quick fix! 
8. image  I’ve used this nail polish once and I am hooked! Unlike most nail polish that chips off the next day this polish holds for days…a must have! On top of that it’s super cheap, I got it for a dollar! 
9. image

 I’ve actually been using Arang products for a while now, I love their face masks- you don’t have to worry about messy creams. You just open the package and voila; there’s an already made face mask for you to put on. 
10. image  When I first got this curler it looked pretty different than most, but after trying it out it works just as well as the expensive hair curlers. Save your money, the curls last and it’s pretty easy to use.
Katt Lee
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I was shopping this weekend and found a vintage misfits t-shirt that I cut up and made into a tank.  I love finding old school band tshirts and got it for a great price as well yay! I matched it with a Kreepsville666 red skull skirt and added their vampire printed purse.  I kept the color scheme pretty simple (black, whites, greys and a splash of red).  BUT you know me I couldn’t keep it that simple, I had to add some sparkly silver heels to amp it up! I forgot I had these heels until I went through my closet, I had to wear it at least once! 

Photo by: Gustavo Ramirez

Katt is wearing: Vintage top, Kreepsville666 skirt,  Kreepsville666 purse, Hello Drama Custom shoes, Bored Inc Ninja Poo necklace

Kiki: This outfit was so much fun! I love the details on the boots and the hat screams out my personality! I’m more of a T-Shirt and jeans kind of girl, so this graphic tee is something I love and also would sport on the daily. I would definitely wear this out with friends, or just a casual day in LA.

Photo by: Gustavo Ramirez

Kiki is wearing: Rebel 8 topADEEN hat, Mona Mia boots

Kaila: I love these Milk the Goat shorts, they can be worn casually in the daytime as pictured here or paired with a slinky top for a night out. I love to accessorize with pops of color, the T.U.K. floral boots and Vanessa Mooney jewelry gives the ensemble just a bit more snap

Photos by Gustavo Ramirez

Kaila is wearing: Rebel 8 top, Milk the Goat shorts, T.U.K. boots, Vanessa Mooney necklace

I went a bit crazy today with my outfit, I purposely found everything that didn’t match and tried to put it together.  I thought it would be a fun challenge! I mixed stripes with two other prints and somehow tried to make red, pink, yellow go together… Either way I actually love this outfit it’s fun and completely out of place, I would probably get placed on the worst dressed list! Sometimes you just have to have fun with your clothes and not think too much about matching this and that.  Til next time, tootles! KittEKatt
Photo by: Gustavo Ramirez

Katt is wearing: Good Manners top, Vintage shorts, T.U.K shoes, Forever21 jacket, Iratik necklace

Jamie: My favorite outfits are the most minimal ones. I absolutely love the simplicity of this look and I think less is more! I also love rolling up my sleeves when wearing tshirts. I think that little accent of a sleeve roll makes a big difference. my T.U.K. boots are the true accent of the look. the floral boots and small accessory give the flare and spice against the minimal clothing.

Photos by: Gustavo Ramirez

Jamie is wearing: Uranium topT.U.K. boots, Kreepsville666 purse


Ever been looking for that special “go-to” spot in LA for a quick,
tasty, and affordable nom? Well, low and behold, Grand Central Market
is the place to be to satisfy every type of nom craving. Despite the
menacing threat of afternoon rush hour traffic, Kaila and I decided to
scope out what…

Kiki: I can’t describe enough how much I LOVE this outfit! The shirt dress is so METUHHLLL and it comes in different colors and designs at the Kreepsville 666 store! The bag is so badass and I get so many compliments on it whenever I take it around town or on tour. It’s got plenty of pocket space and can be used as a purse or an overnight bag as well. The shoes are super comfortable and give the whole outfit a little edge and flavor! And I love the necklace by IRATIK! So cool and compliments the dress really well.

Photo by: Gustavo Ramirez

Kiki is wearing: Kreepsville 666 dress and purse, Iratik necklace, Shoedazzle shoes

Been dying for a chance to see Nylon Pink in Los Angeles???
Well, we are finally playing a show in Los Angeles this Wednesday for our good friend Steven Asbury’s birthday at Club Moscow!!!

Been dying for a chance to see Nylon Pink in Los Angeles???

Well, we are finally playing a show in Los Angeles this Wednesday for our good friend Steven Asbury’s birthday at Club Moscow!!!

Kaila: This GMDcat dress is comfortable and functional while being sexy at the same time. It hugs all the right curves but isnt tight and constricting. These Shoedazzle shoes are my favorite shoes in the world at the moment! I currently pair them with everything and get tons of compliments on them when I am out!

Photo by: Gustavo Ramirez

Kaila is wearing: GMDcat dress, Vintage necklace, Shoedazzle shoes

Nylon Pink

Photos by: Christiana of Lucratif Photography
Shot at Opulen Studios